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"Enthusiasm is common. Endurance is rare."  - Angela Duckworth

Runyan Capital Advisors

Runyan Capital Advisors specializes in comprehensive investment and wealth management. We are committed to designing investment portfolios that adhere to the principle “Discipline Makes the Difference,” whereby we work to mutually understand what our clients want to achieve and when they want to achieve it, then we execute a strategic plan to accomplish it. We recognize wealth is most successfully accumulated and protected by staying true to each client's specific considerations including risk tolerance, age, the time horizon for funds, purpose for the funds, and tax ramifications.

We have built a business reputation that is respected in Beverly Hills, Malibu, throughout Southern California, and in states from Texas to Florida and Missouri, among others. Our client list includes prominent professionals, business leaders, and high net-worth families. We are also fortunate to work with clients who have been referred to us that we have never met in person.


Managing with prudence.

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Accumulating wealth.

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Exceeding the rate of inflation.

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