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Ordinarily, the objective of a growth-oriented portfolio is to make the value of your assets increase over time. One way an investor can help accomplish this is by setting up recurring contributions to their Employer Sponsored Retirement plans such as a 401(k), 403(b), 457, or any other offered plan.

Risk tolerance, or intolerance, is identified by the willingness an investor has, or is open to, with regards to the loss of capital in hopes of gain, or the exchange of additional risk accepted in hopes of greater investment returns.

  • Conservative investors are usually seeking their portfolio to increase over time but are more concerned with preservation of capital, and desire a low degree of risk.
  • Moderate growth investors typically seek a balance between growth and safety, so they may be willing to accept more risk than someone who is conservative for the potential of increased return.
  • Aggressive investors, who have a long-term time horizon, generally accept a greater degree of risk in hopes of a higher potential total return. Their portfolio may consist primarily of domestic and international stock and will fluctuate in value more significantly.

Growth investors are not to be confused with Trading or Speculative Investors. Trading and Speculative investors are NOT the clientele we serve as they want the maximum possible return with an enormous acceptance of risk which is outside the scope of our wealth management techniques. While return potentials are high, through varying degrees of high-risk strategies, they can result in significant gains or losses.