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"Leaders never rest on the plateau, they continue climbing the mountain."  -Shannon Horn

Discipline Makes the Difference

In 1993, while competing at the USA Triathlon National Championship race, I purchased a tee shirt that read “Discipline Makes the Difference.” I’m inspired by the idea that if you are committed to doing the right things consistently and unrelentingly, over time you will achieve great outcomes. A few years ago, I hiked Mount Kilimanjaro because I'm always seeking a challenge. It’s an example that echoes the expression: “At first they’ll ask why you’re doing it. Later, they’ll ask how you did it.”

Even if you’re a CEO, CFO, or have your MBA, we want to help you reach your personal summit. In addition to managing your investment portfolio and keeping it current to reflect your personal considerations, our team will be the catalyst to help you achieve your financial goals.