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Building Capital with Jeff Runyan

at Runyan Capital Advisors

By Tracy Marcynzsyn

RUNYAN CAPITAL ADVISORS’ CHIEF EXECUTIVE MANAGER JEFF RUNYAN SUBSCRIBES TO TWO LIFE MOTTOS THAT SERVE HIM AND HIS CLIENTS—WELL IN BUSINESS. “We live by ‘Discipline Makes the Difference’ whereby doing the right things consistently and persistently over long periods of time will make an enormous impact on the success and trajectory of one’s final outcomes,” notes the Missouri-born Malibuite, who still holds his home state in high regard.

“I always remember where I came from and often reflect back on my home state’s slogan. Missouri is the ‘Show-Me-State’ in that you can’t just say it, you had better be prepared to do all that it takes to increase the probability that you’ll accomplish what you say you will.”

In launching Runyan Capital Advisors in Beverly Hills in 2009, Jeff mastered “putting his money where his mouth is,” so to speak, providing wealth management and retirement planning advice to clients looking to build wealth and maximize their portfolios for the future.

His loyal clients include people in a range of income tax brackets with a common thread of having accumulated meaningful assets and are interested in securing a portfolio that gives them peace of mind and a secure economic future, Jeff explains. Jeff and his team enjoy helping individuals, business owners and families maximize their investments and materialize their financial goals. Within their office, they take pride in their quality of work which allows them to continuously set new goals of raising more assets from existing clients and earning new referrals.

“We are transparent, incredibly straightforward and know our clients extraordinarily well,” says Runyan, whose personalized service and client dedication has created many long-term business relationships. “We are fortunate to have a very high client retention ratio which evidences we are doing many things well in the eyes of those we serve,” he notes.

Backed by over two decades of industry experience and holding both BS and MS degrees in Consumer Financial Management and Economics, Jeff leads a financial team that is committed to designing investment portfolios that adhere to the premise, “Discipline Makes the Difference”—a motto his clients understand and truly appreciate.

“Our clients love our Discipline Makes the Difference approach, where it is evident that we are persistent and unrelenting in our effort to help them accomplish their goals and objectives,” says Jeff. “If they say they want to accomplish something, we ask for permission to be able to follow-up and see that they’re doing the small yet important
things that affect their economic success and trajectory over time.”

Getting to know his clients through the years adds tremendous value to the relationship.

“Our clients love how well we know them,” says Jeff. “To be able to recall conversations from years ago or draw a parallel with existing markets in periods past, they enjoy that they feel understood and informed. The way we accomplish this is through thorough inquiry, listening and learning about what drives and motivates those that we work for.”

Jeff finds his own motivation and inspiration from several mentors, including fellow members of the Beverly Hills Rotary Club, where he’s been a member for 15 years, and from listening to podcasts like Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History and Freakonomics Radio as he drives along the Malibu coast during his commute to and from his Beverly Hills office. His sharp financial instincts also stem from his parents’ good example.

“My parents are steadfast in their approach to always being even-keeled and they have influenced my approach and consistency in a remarkable way,” says Jeff, noting that “I’ve always had an interest in money and investments and it was my dad’s suggestion to consider a focus on investment management, given my natural inclination to talk and work with people.”

Partners in Wealth-Building

Working in the financial industry since 2001, Jeff gains satisfaction in empowering his clients to build wealth by educating them about their finances.

“My business is rewarding in that I help people better understand their investment portfolio and what realistically it can generate for them, and to convert the numbers into something more tangible, meaningful or easy to understand,” says Jeff.

“I also think we are exceptionally strong in conveying complex ideas in a simple and direct fashion. When that happens and intimidation dissipates, people are immediately more engaged—they then feel empowered, and they take ownership, interest and responsibility for achieving their financial goals differently,” he adds.

A father to two sons—10-year-old Remington and 8-year-old London—Jeff understands the importance of creating a secure financial foundation for his family.

“Typically, in a place like West L.A., it often takes until at least early 40s to age 50 before a person/ family has a chance to accumulate wealth in addition to their home, given competing expenses like children’s school obligations, ongoing expenses related to raising a growing family and other financial goals that families have,” Jeff explains. However, creating a plan and consistently making disciplined choices is a strategy Jeff and his team find can help families successfully achieve long-term financial well-being.

When it comes to finances, Jeff says over the years, he’s learned that it is ultimately a people business.

“At the end of the day, everyone wants to have more money than they started with, but ultimately, they want peace of mind to know a good steward of their assets is watching over them and their hard-earned savings and portfolio,” he says. “Being relatable, demonstrating empathy and being authentic are all attitudes and demeanors that remind me that we will always have a growing clientele to care for.”

When he’s not helping clients make the most of their money, Jeff enjoys spending time with his wife, Jenni, and their sons, helping out with school activities at The Sycamore School, watching Malibu Little League, AYSO soccer games, as well as surfing and horseback riding at Rancho Sea Air. Jeff also loves racing events like the Nautica Malibu Triathlon and the Malibu half-marathon, as well as eating at his favorite local restaurants.

“I love Nobu, lunch or dinner—anytime— it’s always a treat. It just feels good being there,” says Jeff. “I also love Helene’s Malibu Farm Café on the pier, where I know it will always be farm-to-table fresh and healthy.”

First discovering Malibu during a visit to his then-girlfriend (now wife) Jenni, who attended Pepperdine, Jeff and Jenni returned to Malibu about eight years ago to raise their family.

“I love this community because of the small-town feel and the similarities it has to where I was born and raised in Columbia, Missouri (less the ocean and weather!),” says Jeff.

Looking to the future, Jeff plans to continue helping clients build wealth to enable them to live the life they desire for themselves and their families.

“We are always working to maximize our face-to-face relationships with existing clientele and new prospects,” he says. “We are lucky to be selective in who we bring on as clients and choose to work with those that are serious about the management of their money and who recognize the value we can introduce.”

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