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Maxim Baban

Maxim Baban is a Business & Economics undergraduate candidate at UCLA, building a career in finance and investment management. Maxim uses his interest in finance to help people navigate the complex world of stocks, bonds, and investment products. The opportunity to work with Runyan Capital Advisors in conjunction with UCLA academics, while studying for the Series 7 exam, has furthered his education about investment principles. One day he plans to assist others in becoming financially literate, preserving their wealth, and taking advantage of potential growth opportunities.

Maxim regularly contributes to Runyan Capital Advisors’ online presence by developing web content and social media outreach strategies. To Maxim, the Runyan Capital Advisors’ motto, “Discipline Makes the Difference,” means doing what it takes to realize any goal he sets out to achieve. This mindset has proven effective in both his academic performance and internship, enabling him to grow as a well-rounded investment professional.