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ICONS of Beverly Hills

Jeff Runyan, M.S.


Drive, dedication and unparalleled persistence are the keys to Jeff Runyan’s nearly two decades of success. At age 35 he launched Runyan Capital Advisors to help his distinguished clientele in Beverly Hills, SoCal and nationwide meet their near and long-term financial objectives using thoughtful, thorough planning, evaluation and investment portfolio allocations to provide security, growth and income.

How does the motto “Discipline Makes theDifference” inspire your work?

In 1993, while competing at the USA Triathlon National Championship race, I purchased a tee shirt that read “Discipline Makes the Difference.” I’m inspired by the idea that if you are willing to do the right things consistently and unrelentingly, over time you will achieve great rewards. A few years ago I hiked Mt. Kilimanjaro with my best friend and fellow competitor, Shannon Horn, because we always seek a challenge. It’s an example that echoes my mission: “At first they’ll ask why you’re doing it. Later, they’ll ask how you did it.”

What skills do you employ to build enduring relationships with your clients?

We take a “listen and learn” approach seriously to fully understand and address our clients’ immediate concerns, such as the new $10,000 state and local tax deduction cap, while staying focused on long-range portfolio planning. This is accomplished by comprehending each client’s goals and then adhering to personal considerations including investor age, time horizon, risk tolerance, purpose of funds, tax ramifications and other relevant economic issues.

How does the Beverly Hills community influence your life and work?

Beverly Hills is a unique community, especially with money and finance. We demand and subscribe to a “gold standard” level of service that is expected from every business that has a presence here. I’ve been involved with the Beverly Hills Rotary and Chamber of Commerce for many years. The professional relationships that have blossomed from these organizations are based on a deep, shared commitment to this world-renowned city.

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