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Cali Mag: Money Moves 2023 with Jeff Runyan

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Discipline Makes The Difference®

An Elevated Wealth Management Experience

Why Discipline Makes the Difference®

Runyan Capital is a leading wealth management firm in Beverly Hills, California. Our clients and their financial success are our sole focus, and we pride ourselves on tailoring portfolios to meet each economic objective.

Wealth accumulation is important; yet we know it is equally, if not more important and rewarding to minimize loss in periods of decline.

In fact, we use Nobel Prize-winning economists Daniel Kahneman and Richard Thaler's research to illustrate these professors’ findings in Behavioral Economics, whereby a unit of gain or loss are not held equal when it comes to investor psyche and investment portfolio returns.

We apply their findings to the portfolio building process, and advise many to accept less risk than they may have otherwise. This prevents and minimizes reactionary changes, all of which contribute to our clients having investment success over periods of time.

Our motto, Discipline Makes the Difference®, permeates more than just the portfolio; the motto is a literal commitment to our clients and is a key ingredient in helping us secure lifelong client relationships. This means delivering a caliber of excellence at every stage of discovery, planning, implementation, monitoring, and ongoing review.

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Wealth Management Advisory Team

Jeff M. Runyan

Chief Executive Manager & Founder

(310) 882-6496

(800) 985-9468

Drive, dedication and unparalleled persistence are the keys to Chief Executive Manager, Jeff Runyan’s nearly two decades of success. At age 35 he launched Runyan Capital Advisors to help his distinguished clientele...

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Connor Brumfield

Associate Wealth Manager

(310) 882-6496

Connor Brumfield was named to the SEC Academic Honor Roll at the University of Missouri where he graduated with his Bachelor’s degree with an emphasis in Financial Planning in May of 2019. At the University of Missouri, Connor...

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Sam M. Aamot

Registered Wealth Management Associate

(310) 882-6496

Sam joined the Runyan Capital Advisors team after moving to Los Angeles from Kansas City. Sam graduated with his bachelor’s degree in Finance from Kansas State University. With his original emphasis being Computer Science, Sam...

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Jenni Runyan

Chief Operating Officer

(310) 882-6496

Jenni Runyan is a Public Relations expert who has worked in the entertainment industry for more than 20 years. After spending most of her career working in cable television, she transitioned to personal publicity with Sechel PR...

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