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Your Life.  Your Investments. Evolve Your Perspective.

  • Your Life.
    Your Investments.

    Let us act as the catalyst to motivate you to do financially that which you already know you should.

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  • Evolve Your Perspective.

    You’ve worked a lifetime accumulating assets, now it’s time to prudently protect and professionally manage the wealth you’ve created.

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Welcome to Runyan Capital Advisors

Runyan Capital Advisors is a leading wealth and investment management team in Beverly Hills, California.  Our focus is client wealth management; both in preservation and in accumulation.

We strive for continued excellence in investment outcome and we practice with a resolve, discipline, and management philosophy designed to help us deliver a superior client experience.  We invite you to join our clientele to experience the same culture that has engendered client confidence and garnered lifelong relationships.

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Our Services

Protect and Preserve

Safety of investment principal and the safety of purchasing power are both paramount to achieving an ideal portfolio.

Wealth Accumulation

We design portfolios to take advantage of growth opportunities in strong markets, but more importantly, to mitigate loss during periods of decline.

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Team Approach

We integrate our wealth management perspective with the other professional services you utilize, such as attorneys and accountants, to maximize your comprehensive financial picture.


Meet our Advisory Team

Our experienced, seasoned, and well-educated team thrives on client contentment.  We work hard to earn that sentiment and welcome you to learn more on our Company page to better understand our management style and disciplined philosophy that produces that outcome.

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Individuals & Families

Whether you’re an individual investing for your own financial goals or strategically investing to maximize legacy wealth transfer, Runyan Capital Advisors customizes investment strategies to fit your current needs and accomplish your future goals.

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